How do we make a beginning and continue running a self-sustaining online business starting with no money? In 2011 I started my business from nothing and am lucky to still be here after making so many mistakes that I nearly went bankrupt. It’s not easy and yet I hope I can help you have a chance today to do a better job starting your business than I did. I first did this presentation live on Facebook and Youtube August 10, 2016. What is amazing is how powerful these same tips still are today nearly a year later. Would you continue reading this post or watch the Youtube video below?

Tips to Start an Online Business from Zero

Ask and answer, what would you do for free? Because your online business is likely to be not only for free, you’re likely to have to pay to do whatever it is you think you want to do to start off with. The first two years of my business, I essentially paid to work.

If you just want money, it’s easier to just go to work and make money. If you find that the answer to, what it is you would do for free, or what you would do if you already had enough money, you often then can see a business that you would genuinely enjoy doing. If you really have fun doing your business, then you don’t have to just strictly hope that it will make money.

The key part is to zoom in on your end goal that you can have today. Let’s look how this plays out. You’re hoping that if you start a business that you can make a bunch of money, so that when you have a bunch of money, you can hire a bunch of people to work for you. This can make you feel really good about yourself, have them totally run the business.

Then you could essentially just retire, and not do anything all day, which might include sitting around and playing Xbox all day. If that’s your end goal, then why not just play Xbox today? Why not cut through using the business as a means to an end. Cut through that end goal. For me, the end goal was to be in a place where I could feel safe, secure, and peaceful, and that’s something I can have today without building my business up or anything.


What problems have you solved that you can help with? I’ve solved a problem for me of “how I cannot have to go in and work for someone else anymore.” I’m now in a home office working on my own terms, my own hours. I have complete flexibility, absolutely awesome! That’s why I’m here helping you with it. That’s what I do. Great businesses start with simple solutions. You can look at the companies you buy from to see this today. My business revolves around providing the solutions to the problems I’ve already went through and solved.

These 10 tips are solutions to problems I’ve solved. If you look at companies like Google, what do they do? They provide a solution. You have a problem; you go to go Google to find it! When you want to get on Facebook, when you first signed up, I signed up to try and find a girl that I used to know before. Facebook solved the problem. It made it really easy to do. All I had to do was type her name in, there she is.

YouTube, you have a problem; you go look it up on YouTube. Great companies and businesses are based on solving problems. If you can see the problems you’ve solved, you also see the assets you already have to start a business. I’ve solved the problem of how do I escape the 9:00 to 5:00 life, how do I stop having to work for someone else, and how do I start turning my time to money. I’ve solved that. I’m hoping I can help you with that here!

Discover your limits and accept them. Now, this sounds counter-intuitive. The trick is that I’ve discovered my limits today and I realize that I can only do so much in one day. I can only do so much with my business. I realize that I will always have ways I can trade my time for money, but my time and energy are the absolutely most limited.

My time and energy easily get wasted doing things where I just trade my time for money, where I’m not focused specifically on helping people. If you think that starting a business will help you completely escape your limitations, you might be able to avoid that delusion by hearing from my experience. The better my business has done, my limitations have simply changed. They haven’t left, so I have more money to work with than when I started my business. I also have a lot more request for things I should do.

In other words, there’s much less freedom today in what I should do, because you’ve already told me what you wanted me to do. If I don’t do that, then well, I’m disappointing you. The idea is my time and energy is just as limited now, if not more limited than they were when I started my business. Starting a business, it might change your limitations. I don’t have to go to a job anymore.

That’s a different type of freedom, and yet, I’ve got an office right in my house now. I can’t ever get away from work anymore. Work stalks me. I’ve escaped one limitation and I’ve gained another in its place.

Figure out who might be willing to help you with your business. This is absolutely crucial, because when you’ve just discovered your limitations in the previous steps, you’ve seen I have limited time and energy. The answer to that is figure out who else might be willing to help you with your business.

I have limited time and energy. Well, when I started looking around for help with my business, my friends on Xbox were there to help me start my business. I sent out a message on Facebook to all my friends on Xbox, and I said, “Hey, I’d like to start my business. What do you think?” They were really enthusiastic. One friend in particular, Joseph, he said, “Yes. I’ll definitely start your business.” He could see the great potential in starting a business online.

Joseph has helped me from the very beginning, all the way through everything, and now, Joseph is making his own business online. To me, it’s about whom I can help and be useful for today. My friends on Xbox have been the greatest resource I’ve had for building my business. There’s no way I’d be here with you today if it weren’t for my friends on Xbox. The question is, who else might help you with your business. If no one is willing to help you, it might not be a good time to start a business.


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